Saturday, July 30, 2011

I just got home from a fun evening with my brother Ming, his girlfriend Seryl, Jenny, Ming's high school friend who eventually became one of closest girlfriends. Of course, she and Noy have become good friends, too.

It was spur of the moment, but Ming happens to be a very big fan of Periperi chicken, he can't wait for Seryl to try it. Seryl is a nurse who's leaving for Saudi in a few days, that's why Ming is in town, too. Jenny hasn't tried Periperi until tonight, and she liked it, too.

The mandatory after-dinner coffee took us to Caffe Firenzo after realizing the more popular places are just packed on a rainy Saturday night. I was instantly attracted to the serious ambience inside. It wasn't packed, but it wasn't empty either. There was an empty spacious "booth" lined with soft leatherette-covered couches that are neither too firm nor too comfortable. It was perfect for us.

I tried their Iced Latte and was happy with the robust Lavazza flavor. My companions are not big coffee drinkers but found themselves half-wishing they could drink more. The star of the evening was their Mocha Green Tea cake - it was so good we forgot to take a picture of it! It was light with the just the right amount of creamy mocha between slices of superb chiffon covered with friendliest luscious green tea crumbs. (I say friendly because I was never a fan of green tea except of its liquid form. Oh, and green tea latte just tastes like grass.)

Finally - a discreet, cozy and comfortable place that serves good coffee without the noise and hoopla. I'm happy I discovered it with people I just love.

I hope your weekend was delightful, too!

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